Saturday, 18 August 2012

New favourite

I am in love with my Sea Salt Bar. It's just amazing!!! It lathers up really nice and its lather is so wonderful, gentle, lotion like. It leaves my skin so soft, smooth and toned, like after a swim in the sea. Scent (a combination of eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils) really suits this bar,  it smells like the sea, so fresh, salty and warm. The time I spend in the shower has increased significantly, I just cannot get enough of it :).

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Busy busy busy

We have been very busy recently making soap ready for peak season. Our spare bedroom is slowly turning into soap warehouse

Cook's Coffee Soap

I'm so pleased with my new creation so I think this bar will make it to my range. It's very hard bar with fair amount of coconut oil in it to help to wash off grease from the hands and ground coffee for scrubbing effect. It's scented with coffee and clove which will help to get rid off nasty smells of garlic and onions. It has lovely fluffy lather and gentle to hands.

Shampoo - 2 weeks

So I've been using my shampoo bar for 14 days now. And I'm starting to like it. At first my hair felt sticky and didn't look very fresh and shiny. But with every wash it was getting better and better. It's definitely more manageable and looks healthier now. But  I think this particular recipe needed some tweaking so I've already have my new improved shampoo bar ready to try next week.