Sunday, 28 October 2012

Recent experiments

Mineral soap bar with Sea Salt and Fuller's Earth
Recently I have been really busy, making 6 batches of soap nearly every day after work and on weekends. So I didn't have much time to research and experiment with new soaps for next year. I have in mind 4 new soaps I want to bring out for next February, and I've already started working on them,  researching new ingredients and playing with soap calculator every spear min, but I still  not very happy with the end result, though I'm very pleased with their look.
Facial Soap Bar with Pink Clay
But new soaps are not the only new product I'm working on. I wasn't always happy with bought moisturizers and skin care products so I finally got my hands on some lovely skin care oils with intention to create a serum. I've spent a fair amount of time researching their properties and finally 2 weeks ago I've started testing them on my skin. It's a long process, I'm testing them one by one, each for a week, before I can start mixing them together. I already have my favourite, in 5 days this amazing oil made my skin looking better, so looking forward to creating something that will suit my skin and will have such amazing ingredients.