Sunday, 22 July 2012

Shampoo Bar

About 3 months ago one of our customers suggested we come up with a Shampoo bar. Since then I've been reading a lot about soap shampoo bars and finally 2 weeks ago I formulated and made a tester batch of my first shampoo. But because I'm so inpatient the very next day I've made the same batch using Hot Process method. I'm not a big fan if HP and very rarely use it so I didn't really knew what to expect, the soap came up all right but on a soft side. I let it sit and cure for 2 weeks and finally tried it yesterday. I was very pleased with lather - it's enormous, fluffy at first but then turns into dense, creamy, mousse like lather. As I expected (from reading a lot about switching to handmade shampoo bars) my hair feels a bit different, it doesn't have volume I get from commercial shampoos. But as I know you need to give your hair 14 days to adjust. I will keep updating you.
My First Shampoo Bar (with nettle infusion and a blend of
rosemary and lavender essential oils)

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